Singaflex Polylock

Singaflex Polylock metal flexible tubing is constructed from BS 1449 Part 2 Type 304 S 16 Austenitic Stainless Steel by winding profiled metal strip into a tube, the strip edges being completely interfolded. A crimp is introduced into the strip during winding to provide a polygonal cross-section to the finished tubing. This ensures that the diameters remain constant when tubing is cut, unlike plain round section tubes which tend to spring out slightly at one end. It is suitable for temperature up to 600°C.

Polylock Application
Singaflex Polylock is well known for its strength, durability and ability to absorb vibration and also both axial and lateral movements. It is suitable for thermal expansion and noise attenuation on engine exhaust systems of vehicles and stationary plant of all kinds, passenger and commercial road transport, ships mechanical handling, stationary generators and etc..



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