Flexible Joint

Singaflex Rubber Expansion Joint

Singaflex Rubber expansion joint is designed for individual applications to the highest standards and provides the following advantages over other bellows types-

Minimal face-to-face dimensions

Lightweight. Rubber expansion joint is relatively light in weight, requiring no special handling equipment to the position, contributing to lower installation labor cost.

Low movement forces required. The inherent flexibility of rubber expansion joints ensures low reactive forces.

Reduced fatigue factor. Natural and synthetic elastomers are not subject to fatigue breakdown or embrittlement and prevent any electrolytic action because of the steel rubber interface of joints and mating flanges.

Corrosion and erosion resistant. A wide variety of natural, synthetic and special purpose elastomers and fabrics are available to the industry. Materials are treated and combined to meet a wide range of practical pressure/temperature operating conditions and to prevent corrosive attack, abrasion and erosion.



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